ITT Heat Exchangers

Replacement Heat Exchangers & Parts


We offer new ITT brand heat exchangers including shell and tube and air cooled units, as well as a wide variety of replacement parts.   

Competitive pricing and quick shipping are available for most of our extensive product line.

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In addition to stock units, we also offer engineered (custom designed) heat exchangers and their parts— including gaskets, end bonnets, and other components.


ITT (Standard Xchange) shell and tube heat exchangers are available in a variety of shell diameters, baffle spacings, and configurations.

Some of the product lines we offer include:

- SX2000
- A-100
- A-200
- B300

ASME code stamp available upon request.

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ITT Shell And Tube

Shell & Tube:

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Water-to-Water & Water-to-Oil
Various Materials Available
Standard and Custom Designs
ITT Aftercoolers


  Full Line of Sizes and Features
Low Pressure Drop

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