ITT Shell & Tube 

Heat Exchangers

ITT offers a range of shell and tube heat exchangers, known for their high efficiency and durability, they provide both pre-engineered and custom TEMA models, catering to the specific needs of various industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, biofuels, sugar processing, petroleum, and power generation. In addition to the standard designs, they also offer precision-engineered custom heat exchangers that are compact and space-efficient. Their product line includes the Bell and Gossett line of plate heat exchangers, which deliver maximum efficiency in minimal spaces. Shell and tube heat exchangers come in compact designs with shell diameters ranging from 2" to 8", and standard tube lengths from 8" to 72". They also have the capability to provide custom tube lengths up to 144". Some models, like the Standard Xchange SSCF Stainless Steel, feature a straight tube, fixed tubesheet design, and enlarged bundle entrance areas, with all fluid contact parts made of 316 Stainless Steel.

ITT BCF Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
ITT HCF Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
ITT SSCF Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
ITT SX2000 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
ITT HFF Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
ITT B300 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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