ITT B300 Series

Heat Exchangers

The ITT B300S and B300W Series are part of the Standard Xchange product line offered by ITT, a Xylem brand. Both models are known for their robust performance in heat exchange applications. The B300S is designed specifically for steam applications, providing efficient steam to liquid heat exchange. On the other hand, the B300W is tailored for water applications and is a complete shell & tube bundle heat exchanger made of carbon steel shell, copper tubes, and cast iron, ensuring durability and efficiency. Both models feature a U-tube, removable floating bundle design, allowing for easy maintenance and inspection. These heat exchangers are available in 2, 4, and 6 pass models, offering flexibility based on user requirements.

ITT B300S Heat Exchanger
B300S Series
ITT B300S Heat Exchanger
B300W Series
ITT HCFQ Aftercooler
Replacement Bundles

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